The Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity – Pg. 8

Ministry Quote of the Week

“God’s goal is to work Himself into His redeemed people. God wants to work Himself into His chosen people that He may have a full expression in eternity. This is the goal of God’s full salvation. God’s dispensation is toward this goal. We must see not only God’s dispensation but also the goal of God’s dispensation, that is, God is working Himself into His chosen people.”

The Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity, p. 8

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We Are Believers

W e are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have personally received Him as our Savior. He is the most excellent and enjoyable Person. We love Him and endeavor to give Him the first place in all things. We rejoice to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, God’s Son, born again of the Father’s divine life, and filled with the Holy Spirit. We highly treasure the Holy Bible as God’s revelation of Himself and of His eternal purpose. We hold the common faith which is revealed in the Bible and is common to all genuine believers.

Who Are We

Body of Christ

A s is true of all believers in Christ, we are members of His one Body, the church. In order to practice the oneness of the Body with all the Christians in Columbus, we meet as the church in Columbus. We are in fellowship with over 2,000 local churches worldwide to express the one Body of Christ.

Our Meetings

An Open Letter

O ver the past nine decades the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee has edified believers in Christ and produced local churches on all six inhabited continents. The ministry of these two servants of God, which is published by Living Stream Ministry (LSM), stands upon the shoulders of the many great Christian teachers of the past to present both the broad span and the spiritual depths of the New Testament truths … An-Open-Letter.org

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the church in Columbus

2014 Winter Video Training Schedule

Recent Announcements

Caleb and Ezra, best buds.

Highbanks MetroParks Information

This Lord’s Day we will be spending the day outside (weather permitting) at Highbanks MetroParks (most likely at this time). Please have mercy. Oh Lord Jesus! Attached to this post are directions to the locations as well as a full map of the park. Here are the most up to date details…

Audio for 2015 National College Training

Audio for 2015 National College Training

The audio from the 2015 National College Training in Champaign, IL is now available. – God’s Ageturners

Weekly Announcements - the church in Columbus, Ohio

Week beginning July 5th – Announcements

Week beginning July 5th – Announcements for the church in Columbus, Ohio.

silhouette tree evening

Hospitality needed for saints traveling to the National College Training

Dear saints,
There are about 1800 college students and serving ones who will be traveling from all over the country to participate in the National College Training in Champaign, IL this July 12 – 18. Many are driving from far away localities and would need a place to rest for the night before they continue on to their destination. Because of the large number of saints, the coordinating brothers have been directing them to a number of localities to distribute the load so as not to overburden any one locality.

Audio from various conferences from the church in Columbus, Ohio.

Serving Brothers’ Fellowship with Brother Gary Kaiser

Dear saints,

Praise the Lord! The audio from the fellowship with one of the co-workers, brother Gary Kaiser, on Thursday, June 18th is now available to listen/download on our website! Click here to go to the messages page.


Dear Saints,

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