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Summer School of Truth 2015

The nature of the Summer School of Truth 2015 actually is not a matter of teaching but of ministering or serving. The purpose of our summer school is to minister something to the young people. We may use a restaurant as an illustration. A restaurant is not for teaching about food but for serving food. Those who serve in a restaurant do not merely give people a menu and then teach them about food. Instead, the serving ones supply others with different courses of food for eating. The principle should be the same with what we call the Summer School Of Truth. In a sense, our summer school is a kind of school, but actually it should be a “restaurant.” Our intention is not to give the young people a “menu” and then teach them about God. Our intention is to serve, to minister, God as different “dishes” for eating. Thus, the nature of the Summer School Of Truth 2015 is a matter of ministering, of serving, the Triune God to the young people. (Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life, Chapter 23, Section 2)